Past Blogs

Hello Random Readers!

In case you want to explore my past blogs in an easier manner, here is the breakdown of my posts thus far from newest to oldest:

  • Love and the Expert:  A post about discovering how to understand love and men with the help of relationship expert Matthew Hussey. He truly changed the way I look at dating and I want to share my discovery with others!
  • A Crazy Challenge Resolution: In January 2014 I decided to give myself an insane challenge as my resolution. Instead of doing just one challenge like the plank challenge, I decided to mix every challenge I could find to make myself the best I could be. If you want to try it and make it your own, let me know how it goes!
  • Emotional Boredom: The original reason for the name of my blog, this post expresses so much about myself, my analysis of boredom and the way I look at life. Definitely worth a read as it really dives deep into the subject of why we get bored in all aspects of life at some point or another.