About Me

Hey Random Readers!

I know most of you who read this probably know me already, but just in case you don’t and randomly stumbled upon my blog, here is a little bit about me.


My name is Catherine and I am a 28 year old bilingual Actress and Waitress from… well kinda from all over Canada to be honest. Originally from Montreal, I’ve lived in British Colombia, Manitoba,  Quebec City, Barrie Ontario and now I am living in Toronto.


Hello everyone!

I am very lucky to have an amazing family that I love dearly. We’re a family of 6: Myself, Mathieu, Gabrielle, Olivier and my parents Guy and Danielle. My parents are some of the most incredible people I know with a great sense of adventure and discovery that they definitely passed on to me. My childhood felt like one amazing adventure after another!


Me, my Mom and my sister Gabrielle 3 years ago


My brother Mathieu, my Dad and my little brother Olivier 3 years ago

Because of my family, I am also a lover of travel! I have explored a good amount so far and really just want to see the whole world! I should actually make a blog post about my biggest adventure so far. Last year, January 2016, I  decided to explore Ireland on my own with a backpack and no plans apart from landing in Dublin. It was the most incredible 2 weeks of my life where I learned a lot about traveling solo and really about myself! I met some incredible people and made memories I will cherish forever!


First day in Dublin with no clue as to what came next!

Another huge part of my family right now is my giant Leonberger Zeddicus whom I adore and can’t imagine my life without him. He is always there for a cuddle and seems to just love everyone and every activity I present to him! He truly is a wonderful example of love and “joie de vivre”!


Zeddicus the Leonberger

My career right now is divided between working as a waitress at an amazing tapas restaurant called “Azarias” and trying to find success in the film industry. My main goal is to become an actress, however I have also found a love of Directing, Producing, Editing and really everything surrounding the creation of films! I have in the past year created my own film company called Wolfynix Productions of which I am very proud of! If you want to see what I have accomplished so far, I have my full portfolio on my website:

This year my goal is to do tons more courses to progress in the industry and hopefully land a few auditions so as to finally get my foot in the door! I can’t wait! So far my list of courses I want to take this year include: “Dialect courses General Amercian and RP British” (in progress), “Dialect Courses for Irish and Scottish”, “English style Horseback riding lessons”, “Weapon Holding permit”, “Stage fighting lessons”, “Advanced On camera courses with Lewis Baumander”… So far those are the ones on my agenda but I hope to do many more.20160121_162115-2
So that’s my little introduction about myself!
I hope you’ll enjoy my blog posts which will probably be quite random but hopefully always entertaining! 😉

Goodnight Random Readers!


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