A Crazy Challenge Resolution

Hello Random Readers!

So for those of you who know me, you know that I’m not much of an exercise buff.
Hell, I just can’t stick to any exercise! I may try for a few weeks (usually two or three tops), and then… either it no longer calls to me, I just see it as pain or quite simply, I start to procrastinate in a rapidly increasing way.


So this year, when a colleague of mine asked me what my New Years Resolution was going to be, I immediately thought about trying to do more exercise. After all, it’s suppose to be really good for you and if I had a crazy toned body, it wouldn’t be too bad of a side effect, haha XD


Had some fun with Photoshop XD

Now two questions remained however!
“How would I keep such a resolution? and “What would my new exercise be?”

Suddenly, a challenge I failed miserably simply because of no alarm clocks reminding me to do it every day appeared in my mind like one of those lightbulbs in cartoons!


I would start the year with the challenge I failed; this time setting an alarm on my cell phone at a perfect chosen time, ready to go off every day. What was this challenge you may ask? It’s called: “The Plank challenge” Starting at a nice easy time of 20 seconds in plank position, then by the 30th day, doing 300 seconds of plank (or 5 minutes for those not calculating).


But of course, I would not stop there! Every month I would start the challenge over and then add a challenge! That way, by the end of the year, I would have a crazy hard workout to complete! Every month starting off at the easiest and getting progressively harder. By going on a site that offers multiple 30 day challenges, I found just the material I needed to get started!


Now I can already hear you asking: “Yeah. Sure! Now how are you going to keep this up without giving up when it starts to be too hard or hurt too much?

The answer is simple! I had to find something I valued enough to use as a reward system! I believe that having always loved gaming, I now need such systems to encourage me to keep going! If the reward system in a game is well done, I tend to play a lot longer after all! And I must say, that with my plans in the next few weeks, the inspiration for the rewards system was very easy to figure out! You see, on the 4th of January (we are now the 1st), I am going to Cuba with Christopher! It will be his first trip and my third in Cuba! When we return home on the 11th, I will just have time to clean my clothes and get ready, as the very next morning, I am going to Mexico with Julie!


If you haven’t guessed so far, my reward system will be based on travel! Every day that I do the workout, I get 3$ to add to my trip fund for next year! If I were to do every single day to the letter, I would have a grand total of approximately 1100$!!! However, if I don’t do an exercise, I lose 3$ to the epic trip fund! This way, I won’t tell myself: “Meh! It’s just 3$ if I miss a day, no big deal!” Nope! Missing a day is basically the same as eliminating the hard work done a previous day! So no missing days! You can take a break when the day is a “Break Day” (the challenges include such days).


I am hoping to start streaming when my gaming pc is finally done getting repaired. If all goes well, id like the stream this challenge as well through the same site.
I will also comment on this post to keep you guys up to date on how it’s going 😉

I invite any of you who are up for a challenge and who believe they too may need a bit more exercise in their lives, to try and follow this Crazy Challenge with me!

Here are the basic guide lines to the challenge:

January: Plank Challenge

February: Plank + Easy Squats Challenge

March: Plank + Easy Squats + Easy Pushups Challenge

April: Plank + Easy Squats + Easy Pushups + Abs Challenge 2 choices of 4

May: Plank + Easy Squats + Easy Pushups + Abs Challenge 2 choices of 4 + Lunge Challenge

June: Plank + Easy Squats + Easy Pushups + Abs Challenge 2 choices of 4 + Lunge + Splits Challenge
30 day split challenge

July: Plank + Hard Squats + Easy Pushups + Abs Challenge 2 choices of 4 + Lunge + Splits Challenge

August: Plank + Hard Squats + Hard PushupsAbs Challenge 2 choices of 4 + Lunge + Splits Challenge

September: Plank + Hard Squats + Hard Pushups + Abs Challenge 2 choices of 4 + Lunge + Splits +Little Black Dress Challenge 1 choice of 3

October: Plank + Hard Squats + Hard Pushups + Abs Challenge 2 choices of 4 + Lunge + Splits +LBD Challenge 1 choice of 3 + Beach Body Challenge 1 choice of 2

November: Plank + Hard Squats + Hard Pushups + Abs Challenge 2 choices of 4 + Lunge + Splits +LBD Challenge 2 choice of 3 + Beach Body Challenge 1 choice of 2

December: Plank + Extreme Squats + Hard Pushups + Abs Challenge 2 choices of 4 + Lunge + Splits +LBD Challenge 2 choice of 3 + Beach Body Challenge 1 choice of 2

You can choose to do all your exercises at once or throughout the day (the importance is that you do them all).
You also don’t have to do all of one exercise at once.
You can separate it into reps!

Here are two examples for the 21st of March (150 second plank, 125 Squats, 15 pushups)
Example 1 –>  (50 second plank, 42 squats, 5 pushups = 1 rep) x 3
Example 2 –> (1.5 minute plank, 75 squats, 10 pushups) then (1 minute plank, 50 squats, 5 pushups)

I also recommend that if going back to zero is too easy, you chose a place to start and keep it at that level until the day where it goes up in challenge.
(For example: In February I didn’t want to start back my plank at 20 seconds. so I started back at 60 seconds until day 12 where it started going up to 90 seconds…)

gg64784015Your choice! There are many ways of achieving the same results!
At the very end, anyone who did this with me and who wants to join up for a trip together somewhere in the south at an all inclusive resort is invited!
Should be a blast!

Good luck Random Readers!
Happy New Year!




12 thoughts on “A Crazy Challenge Resolution

  1. Alright! So I’m now done the 11th day of the 1st month. Having been on vacation in Cuba, it was hard to motivate myself to do it after a whole day of swimming, but I’ve done it thus far!! I am officially dreading tomorrow however, as I must up the time from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. I struggle the last 10 seconds of the 1 minute plank! I can barely hang on how much it hurts! Damn it’s tough!! How in the world am I suppose to do 5 minutes in the end?!?! O_O How are you guys doing?

  2. After another week of travel, this time to Mexico with Julie, I have still managed to keep it up!! There were some really tough moments: like the night where I was definitely drunk and exhausted before Julie reminded me about the challenge… *sigh* still did it however XD
    Now should be a lot easier since I wont be in full vacation mode.
    My total so far? 54$ Not bad XD

  3. Woohoo!! Finished month 1!! Now at 90$ for my next trip ^^ The last day (today) was crazy tough at doing 5 minutes of plank! I know my form isn’t great when I reach 3 minutes and will work on that, but I’m still quite proud of the work Ive put in! I decided that starting back up, I won’t start back at the very beginning (20 seconds), but at 1 minute. I’ll keep doing one minute until I reach day 9 where 1 minute usually starts. I will then move ahead from there as usual. I feel that if I go back under a minute, I wont be getting anything out of it anymore… During the 1 minute planks, I’ll really work on keeping perfect form so as to get progress in that way. Hope you guys are doing as good as I am!! Keep it up!

  4. I am now halfway through the second month! I’m actually doing really good so far! I don’t always do all the squats at once (I’ll sometimes do 60, break, 60 for example), but I’m pretty sure that’s still ok. I’m actually thinking of doing the same for the plank when I cant hold on anymore, as I really want to keep perfect form. So far, I’m doing 90 seconds in perfect form with relative ease.
    Now if you’re wondering if I’m seeing any progress thus far, I’d have to say not so much in how I look, but definitely in my strength! Just with the squats for example, I used to feel a lot of pain and achiness the rest of the day after doing squats, but now, after last night’s 125 squats, I feel fine! If I massage my legs, I can feel that they ache a bit, but they are definitely not as destroyed as they were in the beginning!
    Hope you guys are doing as well as I am!
    Not a day missed so far! Yippee!!

  5. Well, it has officially been 3 full months of exercise! I think I am doing phenomenally well for someone who usually hates exercising! i have not missed a single exercise session, however, I have made a few changes both to the rules as well as to the exercises as I went along.

    Here are the changes: 1st off, if you miss a day, you have to make it up the next day. if you miss doing the full double day, you have then officially missed that training session and have no other chance to do the missed exercises. This was a necessity as I was sick one day and realized we all have bad days now and then and shouldn’t be punished for it. So you therefore have a chance in such circumstances.

    The second change came up because I could no longer do the pushups due to an injury in my wrist. I therefore had to change things up to still be doing an arm exercise without making the injury worst. I have therefore been doing dumbbell exercises keeping along with the # given for pushups. I do the # in four different ways: Bicep Curls, Hammer Curls, One arm Triceps extensions and Shoulder Presses. It’s great for my arms, fast and I believe effective since I’m doing a few different arm exercises targeting different arm muscles.

    It has been going great thus far and I hope that you are all doing just as great so far! I’d also like to mention that Going into the Abs Workout Challenge, I have actually been doing 3 of the exercises instead of 2 (all except the plank since I’m already doing that exercise).

    Have a great day Random Readers!

  6. Alright! So I’m now at the very end of my 5th month and haven’t missed a single day!! (Although I must admit I’m finding the end of this month particularly trying). As things progress, I find I need to once again fix this challenge a little bit. The next month was suppose to be burpees, however, i don’t believe burpees would be a good idea to add to my routine. So I thought about what was missing and thought about stretches. I then thought *what could I gain other then better fitness at the end of this year?? How about the ability to do the splits??!!!?!*

    It’s been something I’ve always wanted to be able to do, so I decided that the 6th month (half-way), would become Splits challenge month. I wrote this challenge myself with a lot of research and believe this to be the best way to achieve the splits (if not in a month, then in the next couple of months) I already do a lot of legs in my workout, so this will also greatly help relieve the pain in the legs cause by the lunges and squats that we keep doing!!

    Which brings me to the subject of time… So far, if done all at once, the workout doesn’t seem to exceed 45 minutes. But ‘m definitely going to have to change things up in the months to come so as to avoid getting into 1 hour – 2 hour long routines…That would definitely get me to give up… So look for changes in the coming months!

    Since I want to improve my singing, I’ve been thinking to make the next month a: “Hobby” Month. That way, I would make mine a “Vocal Warmup every day”, while others could say: “I want to write one page every day” or “I want to paint for 30 minutes every day”, etc. Making this whole challenge resolution a whole lot more fun and improving more than just our physical body!

    Let me know what you think of this idea! 😉

  7. I’m thinking of trying this challenge… would it be alright to start now and think this month is January? :)))
    I have some questions about it and just wanted to see if you’re still “live”
    Let me know please.

      • The 20 sec plank today felt like I’m not quite serious about exercising, but I do not want to make it heavier as it will build up, as you said…
        Are you still doing it or it was just for that year? How fit has this challenge made you?
        What about the rest of the months, your last entry here is from your 5th month? Did you finish the challenge?

      • Hello Andrea!
        How are you doing on the challenge so far? Personally I got to the 7th month before having to adjust the challenge and then unfortunately give it up. Life got a bit too crazy to keep up. It did make my arms and buttocks quite strong while I did it, but having already been in shape before starting, I didnt see that much of a difference.

        I may start it again this January and see how it goes. Might start from month 2 though at this point.

        Good luck on your challenge!

  8. I have started this challenge, but I have began in March so doing planks, squats and push ups. I have had 2 years away from any sort of exercise, and also avoiding, but after day 8 I am feeling rather optimistic about continuing. Did you complete your own challenge?

    • Hello Jill!

      Good luck with the challenge! It was quite the journey for me. Although I unfortunately quit around the 7th month. My life got a bit too crazy and I simply couldnt keep up any longer.

      Let me know how you do as you go along!


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